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Pleso prijevoz have chosen our Travely mobile POS ticketing solution, with integrated card payments, fiscalization and comprehensive lines/prices management

​Our new Travely client, Pleso prijevoz, is Croatia’s leading operator of airport shuttle buses with regular scheduled lines from all major Croatian passenger airports to corresponding city centers – Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek.

ETRANET Travely is a comprehensive solution for mobile POS ticketing within the vehicle itself, and offers managing of prices, additional services and passenger categories inside an intuitive web management dashboard.

Travely enables a simplified and digitized process of issuing and selling tickets, and changing lines, routes and passenger categories in real time. Users can manage price lists and discounts, and Travely also takes care of invoicing and fiscalization.

The same handheld POS device accepts card payments on the device itself – in cooperation with Worldline Financial Services. Thus Pleso prijevoz and other ETRANET Travely clients can sells the ticket in one flow, choose the payment method (cash or card) and issue invoice for purchasing a transport ticket.

Furthermore, ETRANET Travely solution not only improves business and increases revenue, but is and affordable solution with a quick and easy installation and training provides at client’s location, with customer support, service and maintenance available locally throughout Croatia.

Pleso prijevoz have opted to deploy ETRANET Travely using one of our flagship POS devices, the Sunmi V2s, with a total of 22 devices covering their entire airport shuttle fleet in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Osijek.

“The ETRANET Travely solution for mobile ticketing in buses has greatly reduced the time it takes to issue tickets, increased ticket accuracy, as well as provided us with detailed reports on journeys by line,” said Pleso prijevoz director Mario Madunić. He adds: “The solution enables our employees to quickly issue a ticket and a travel invoice, even when faced with large crowds at the passenger terminals of airports and bus stations from which we operate. A very welcome feature is the ability to accept all types of payment cards using the same POS device, to the great satisfaction of our drivers.”