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Smart EV charging or intelligent charging refers to a system where an electric vehicle and a charging device share a data connection, and the charging device shares a data connection with a charging operator.

Such charging can be viewed purely from an infrastructure/operating perspective, with smart charging flattening the electricity usage peak by shifting the peak due to vehicle charging away from the peak due to other consumption.

However, it is equally important to focus on improving the still dismal user experience “roaming” between the ever-increasing number of smart EV charging service providers and all their own charging platforms, applications, RFID cards and tokens, and means of end payment.

With the EV charging market in the midst of a shift from infrastructure first to user experience first thinking, charging station operators are joining forces and working towards a common goal: interconnected roaming platforms where customers can charge at any station in any network with just one customer account, ideally using their preferred app and payment method of choice.

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